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On December 13, 2001, the Mayor gave DDOT's recommendation on Klingle Road.

However, the DC Council's Counsel wrote an opinion, dated January 4, 2002, to Linda Cropp, Chairwoman and Councilmember Carol Schwartz, Chairwoman, Committee of Public Works and the Environment, stating that the Mayor should transmit legislation to the Council for its approval to close Klingle Road.

On January 10, 2002, Chairwoman Linda Cropp sent a letter to the Mayor requesting the Mayor submit legislation to the Council to effectuate his proposal to convert Klingle Road into a hiker and biker trail. To proceed with his proposal in the absence of enacted legislation would be contrary to decades of precedent, would undermine the Council's authority over street closings as well as the District's longstanding position vis a vis the federal government regarding local authority over street closings, and would possibly subject the District to litigation for failure to comply with local law.

DC Could Lose the Road:  In the instant case the property appears to have been dedicated for the specific purpose of a public highway. It is a basic tenet of property law that where land is conveyed conditioned on a specified use for the property by the grantor, the grantee may continue to use the property as long as the condition is met. If the grantees fails to use the property as specified, the property may revert to the grantor or some other designated party.

On February 8, 2002, Councilmember Schwartz wrote a letter to the Mayor urging him to respond "soon" with legislation.

In May 2002, during the Budget Support Act hearing, At-Large Phil Mendelson attempted to strike Klingle Road language from the Fiscal Year 2003 Budget Support Act.  Mendelson's proposal was defeated by a 10-3 vote. 

The "Klingle Road Council Review Act of 2002" states: 

"Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no capital program of federal
highway aid projects, federal-aid highway contract, or funds from any source
may be expended for Klingle Road, N.W., for any purpose except to facilitate
the movement of motor vehicle traffic until a resolution has been
transmitted to, and approved by the Council authorizing the proposed use.
This section shall not preclude critically needed remediation work
including, but not limited to, repair to storm sewer system and protections
against further erosion of the roadbed."

January 7, 2003  Councilmembers Cropp, Schwartz, Graham, Fenty, Catania and Orange co-sponsor the "Klingle Road Restoration Act of 2003, (Bill 15-61)" which  supports the opening and repair of Klingle Road.  While we support this legislation, there are some details in which we need to work out.  Contact us at support@friendsofklingleroad.org 


We are not giving up the fight. 

Join us by registering and please send a letter we have prepared to the DC Councilmembers and the Mayor here.

For additional information, please email support@repairklingleroad.org