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  Would You Want These Road Taken Away From You?
Roads That Carry 3,200 (or Less) Cars a Day
West of Anacostia River to Capitol Hill 

Here are other roads in the city who carry 3,200 (or less) cars a day taken from the DPW's Bureau of Traffic Services, 1998 Traffic Volume Study.   We set a bad precedent when we start closing our public roads.  Can you live without these roads?

Name of Road Amount of Cars Road Feeds Into Road Feeds Into
Potomac Ave. 1,800 S. Capitol St. 1st St.
V St. 2,500 1st St. Potomac Ave.
1st St. 2,600 M St. S. Capitol St.
Virginia Ave 1,500 6th St. 7th St.
3rd St. 3,100 Virginia Ave. South Carolina Ave.
D St. 900 6th St. 7th St.
D. St. 1,200 Kentucky Ave
14th St. 900 Potomac Ave
15th St. 1,400 Potomac Ave. Pennsylvania Ave.
15th St. 3,200 North Carolina Ave. Independence Ave.
Constitution Ave. 2,400 North Carolina Ave. 14th Street
Tennessee Ave. 1,300 Constitution Ave. Massachusetts Ave.
16th St.  2,300 Gales St. Maryland Ave.
M Street 2,700 21st St. Maryland Ave.
11th St. 2,300 Maryland Ave. H St.
11 St. 1,200 H St. K St.
3rd St. 2,900 Massachusetts Ave. Florida Ave.
Maryland Ave. 2,800 Independence Ave. 7th St.
New Jersey Ave. 2,800 Independence Ave. U.S. Capitol
Madison Ave. 2,900 14th St. 14th St. Bridge

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