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  Would You Want These Road Taken Away From You?
Roads That Carry 3,200 (or Less) Cars a Day 

Klingle Road carried 3,200 cars a day.  Klingle Road is listed as a collector road for vehicular traffic on the District of Columbia's Functional Classification Map.  Collectors provide direct access to major traffic generators such as a Metro station or a large complex of apartments.  They may connect a neighborhood to a major arterial roadway. Berger, 3.12.1. 

At the Mayor's December 13, 2001 press conference on Klingle Road, DDOT Acting Director Dan Tangherlini stated:  "Well, one of the things we have to understand whether this would have really contributed all that much in the way of capacity to the network.  We estimated roughly 3,000 cars a day would use that road if reopened.  The other question we have to ask ourselves is this the kind of investment; if we make this investment, who are we making it for and can we make that investment for more people rather than less; can we get the most bang for the buck out of these investments?"

We have provided you over 100 roads in our city who carry 3,200 or less cars a day (and this list is not all of them).  Most of these road are classified as collector roads.   Use left navigation bar to access roads near you.





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